Lost Dog Finds Love With Family Searching For Similar Pet

  • 1/10/2019 6:47:08 PM
  • Jesse Smith
  • Local News

LOUDONVILLE, OH - A lost dog found love with a Michigan family who have been searching for their long-lost beagle for several years.

"Through an internet site, a lady had received a message from somebody that they thought a dog that she had lost two years ago, that was possibly stolen, had shown up in Loudonville, Ohio," said Tom Kosht, Ashland County's Dog Warden. "We put her in contact with the lady that had found the dog. Between the two, they were trying to match up markings and stuff on the dog. These people are coming down to Loudonville to try and verify that the dog is theirs."

Members of the Grove family, who live approximately 30 minutes north of Detroit, were hopeful that their precious pooch had been found after going missing from the family's home almost two years ago. The family and the group who found the dog met at Mohican State Park to confirm if the beagle was truly the one and the same.

"Yesterday, after seeing the picture and trying to get ahold of people, it was the most nerve-wracking... we actually didn't tell my dad right away," said Judy Holstine, a family member. "He was the roughest I'd ever seen him after we lost Luke, and we didn't want to bring those emotions until we knew for sure that somebody had the dog. I think we all had a hard time sleeping last night... all of us were on edge, for sure."

The family left their home in Michigan around 11 AM Thursday morning and set a course for Loudonville. Upon arriving, the family realized that the dog that was now in front of them was not their long-lost Luke.

"It didn't end up being Luke," Judy said. "Luke's very similar."

Judy's father, Scott Grove, noted that the beagle that was found in Loudonville had the same exact coloring and features, but was smaller and lighter than the dog they had lost. While nothing could replace their missing family member, the family says that they're glad they made the trip - choosing to take the found beagle home to adopt as one of their own.

"Coming here and it not being Luke... I'm not going to say it wasn't disappointing, but it's a happy ending," Judy said. "I'd say that we're hopeful for a bond like my dad had with Luke."

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