Eyewitness Recounts Seeing Shelby Tornado Touch Down

  • 4/15/2019 8:41:50 PM
  • Jesse Smith
  • Local News

SHELBY, OH - As Shelby and the surrounding communities around the city recover from Sunday's unexpected tornado, one Shelby resident talked about seeing the massive tornado land just miles away from her home. 

"The emergency alert system went off and my husband and I went outside," said Reneta Music, who shot video of the tornado forming on her cell phone. "We saw a huge funnel cloud between our two front trees. I walked down the sidewalk and you could see the cloud that was over Shelby. I started videotaping the cloud and you could hear the sound... like a jet engine, roaring."

Reneta is no stranger to tornadoes - as a child, she and her family lived in Greenwich, where she recalled a time in which a tornado ripped up a tree in her home's front yard while the family was eating dinner.

"To be an adult and see it is different than to be a child and see it," Music said. "We got online and saw all the destruction that was in Shelby. We are still without power, as I'm sure many other people are too. At one point, we were a little more than four miles away, and at one point, we were two miles away. It was frightening to be in the path of that."

The EF-2 tornado, which produced winds of up to 125 miles per hour, hit suddenly and left residents unprepared, even with warnings from advanced radar detection systems. While no fatalities occurred, six people were injured after the tornado passed through the area.

"I think that was a very short warning," Music said. "I think people need more time, if possible, to be warned. There wasn't much time to get out of the path of that monster."

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