OSU Mansfield Micro-Farm Begins First Harvest

  • 5/20/2019 7:33:25 PM
  • Jesse Smith
  • Local News

MANSFIELD, OH - Producers at The Ohio State Mansfield Microfarm Project began harvesting for the first time on Monday afternoon, pulling salad mixes and radishes from their gardens that they've grown over the past five weeks.

"From February until May, you can grow a lot of crops (at the microfarm) that you wouldn't be able to grow outside," said Dana Hilfinger, Program Coordinator. "We're learning about how these tunnels allow you to do that. We are hoping to harvest about 500 pounds worth of radishes and salad mix, altogether. The food is all going to Yellowbird Foodshed, which is a local food aggregator and food hub that works with a lot of farmers across the state of Ohio to provide local food to individuals in Columbus and along I-71."

The project has been enjoyable for those who took part in it, like Sidney Bonham and Walter Bonham, two producers at the microfarm.

"For five weeks, we come here and we just tend to (the plants) here and there a couple hours a week," said Sidney Bonham. "Just let nature take its course. It's something that I've always wanted to do. Simple, easy, I love it. It's something that everybody should get into, growing their own produce and growing at home. It's just fun, simple, and important, you know?"

"We grow based off of what our buyer wants," said Walter Bonham. "That way, we don't get caught up growing things and have to worry about how to sell them. We can just grow and get it directly to who needs it. I'm just interested in taking better care of myself and grow my own food, just kind of understanding the food movement - where our food comes from, and I wanted to be a part of doing something more local."

The Microfarm Project was started with the help of Ohio State University of Mansfield Professor Kent "Kip" Curtis. For more information on the project, visit WMFD's previous article on the subject.

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