Lexington Girl Collecting Stuffed Animals For Kids In Need

Lexington Girl Collecting Stuffed Animals For Kids In Need

  • 6/2/2018 3:42:25 PM
  • Emily Ramey
  • Local News

LEXINGTON, OH- When Valarie Duffey was just 19 months old she had a medical emergency and had to ride to Ohio Health via ambulance. The EMS workers gave Valarie a small stuffed animal to her to help calm her down and to comfort her. To this day when Valarie isn't feeling well, she returns to the comfort of her "good luck bear" which they gave her.

Now, 7-year-old Valarie wants to help other children who may have the unfortunate experience of riding in an ambulance. Steven Duffey, Valarie's father says, "For her final service project Valarie wanted to impact kids how she herself was impacted by our public service workers. Their act of kindness during her emergency is still fresh in her mind."

She came up with the idea of holding a new stuffed animal drive for kids who have to ride in ambulances. "I just really want to make other kids feel better and not be so scared," Valarie said.

Stuffed animals may be dropped off June 3rd through 17th at any Mechanics Bank Branch or the Main Street Marketplace in Lexington. Due to CDC regulations, the donated stuffed animals must be new. On June 19th, the stuffed animals will be presented to the Troy Township Fire Department and the Springfield Township Fire Department to give to their young passengers.

Valarie will be in the third grade this Fall and is known for winning Little Miss Lexington in October and for her donation of surgical caps to Golisano Children's Hospital in Rochester New York last March. Valarie chose this time period for her stuffed animal drive because she will be attending Miss Ohio Princess Camp and performing each night at the Miss Ohio Pagent from June 13th to 16th. Valarie's mother, Jessica Duffey, says "She hopes that doing the drive during the time of the pageant will inspire the community with an extra dose of generosity."

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