UPDATE: Teen Passes Away After Charles Mill Dam Incident

  • 6/14/2018 1:19:17 PM
  • Sartaj Singh
  • Local News

MIFFLIN TOWNSHIP, OH - An 18-year-old female has passed away after being sucked into the Charles Mill Dam after a swimming incident Thursday morning. 

The Ashland County Sheriff's office confirms that 18-Year Old Regina Miller has passed away on Friday. 

Around 2:15 am, two females were swimming in the Charles Mill Dam when 18-year-old Regina Miller of Lakeville, Ohio was sucked into the dam. 

Jared Tims, from Fredericksville, Ohio, was on the south side of the dam fishing when he noticed a girl floating in the water face down. Tims jumped into the water and brought Miller back to the shore. 

Tims noticed that Miller was not breathing and did not have a pulse. He administered CPR while calling out for someone to call 911. One male friend assisted with CPR as well. 

According to the Ashland County Sheriff's Office, there was a group of three male friends fishing, and later another male and two sisters appeared. The sisters wanted to swim because the water was warm. Once the two sisters went into the water, both were pulled towards the dam. One sister was pulled to the shore by another friend, while Miller was pulled towards the dam and disappeared. 

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