Hillsdale Survey Asks Community On Thoughts Of Arming Staff

  • 7/12/2018 2:43:07 PM
  • Sartaj Singh
  • Local News

JEROMESVILLE, OH - The Hillsdale Local School District is asking the community for opinions on arming school staff in the district. 

A survey was sent out to local residents encouraging them to take the survey and make their voices heard by the Board of Education on the topic. 

The survey has three parts: the first part that refers to an article on the districts website that must be read before taking the survey, the second on whether they think staff members at the Hillsdale Local School District should be armed in case of an emergency, and the final part giving residents an opportunity to voice their overall opinions on the subject in a comments section.

"Whats going on around the country definitely brought discussions up in school districts." Steve Dickerson, Superintendent at Hillsdale Local Schools, said. 

Throughout his years in the field of education, Dickerson says he has been a part of many school discussions on whether or not to arm staff. The survey was an idea that he thought would bridge the gap between community opinion and board of education opinion. 

As of Thursday, July 12th, 80% of those surveyed say they would be for a decision to arm school staff, while around 20% say they would be against it. 

The Hillsdale Local School District stated that they will review comments from both sides carefully, as well as comments from fellow staff members. So far, opinions from Hillsdale Local School District staff have been mixed. Some members believe its a great idea, while some members have voiced their opinion that they would not be in favor of supporting the idea.

"You are going to have that in any situation." Superintendent Dickerson said. "This is a pretty serious topic... hopefully the input and so forth from that in the comments will provide a lead to decision making." 

Dickerson also emphasized that the survey will not lead to the final decision on whether or not to arm staff members in the school district. Instead, the board of education will take what they learned from the survey and apply it to further educate themselves on the topic. 

The school district would still need to provide training to staff members and have them pass tests in order to be certified if a decision would be made. 

Student safety remains a pressing topic today, and Hillsdale hopes to find solutions beyond the survey. The district has partnered with local organizations to provide counseling for students and resources for concerned parents.  

"If we can get to the root of the problem before there is a need for something like this, then that would be the ultimate best solution." Superintendent Dickerson said. 

To view more information on the survey, click here.

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