Richland County First In Ohio To Adopt I.R.I.S ID Technology

  • 12/13/2018 1:53:49 PM
  • Jenna Ramolt
  • Local News

MANSFIELD, OH - The Richland County Sheriff's Office has become the first law enforcement agency in Ohio to implement the most accurate and innovative biometric technology in the nation for identifying offenders and inmates.

The program is called I.R.I.S., which stands for "Inmate Recognition Identification System." Produced by BI2 Technologies, I.R.I.S. will allow officers to positively ID a previously enrolled inmate or offender within seconds, comparing records from 47 states within a database.

The human iris, the colored part of the eye, has hundreds of unique qualities in each eye, making it a more accurate identifier than even a fingerprint. Just by looking into the camera, offenders can be identified, and police can search the database for previous records, sex offender lists, and citizenship status, among other important factors. This identification can occur in under eight seconds with I.R.I.S. technology.

"Criminals often try to change their identities to avoid accurate identification and prosecution for crimes they have committed," said Richland County Sheriff Steve Sheldon. "This cutting-edge iris biometric technology is another tool that can be used. Accurate and timely identification of offenders is a necessity."

The I.R.I.S. technology, which has been endorsed by the National Sheriff's Association and has been in existence for ten years now, will be used alongside the current fingerprint technology. The Sheriff's Office will be offering the technology to police agencies within Richland County at no cost to them.

"I am very proud and pleased that the Richland County Sheriff's Office will be the first law enforcement agency in Ohio to join the national network with this technology."

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