How To Keep Your New Years Fitness Resolution

  • 1/9/2019 7:02:40 PM
  • Jenna Ramolt
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MANSFIELD, OH - Exercising more often and getting fit are popular New Years' resolutions each year, but many people find their resolutions difficult to keep after just a few months.

Emily Freeman, a supervisor at OhioHealth Ontario Health and Fitness Center, sees a large spike in attendance at the beginning of every year due to resolutions like these.

"With the new year, everyone looks at it like it's a clean start or a fresh slate," Freeman said. "Come March, lots of people that had good intentions at the beginning of the year... their motivation starts to dwindle a little bit."

An easy way to keep yourself motivated, according to Freeman, is to write down your resolution and to keep it very specific.

"When you write it down, it actually becomes a goal," Freeman explained. "You need to break it down with some steps you can take so that it's more manageable. Once you have steps, that goal then becomes your new plan. As you continue on with the plan and start putting actions behind the plan, that can become the reality."

Replacing a generic resolution such as "I want to lose weight" with one like "I want to lose ten pounds in six months" can often provide an extra boost of motivation as well. If you still being to lose motivation after writing down your resolution, Emily suggested bringing a buddy along with you on your workouts. Enlisting a friend with a common goal provides some much-needed solidarity.

"Starting slow and then using a progression principle - meaning starting off with something that's manageable and achievable... and then slowly, each week, adding to it - goes a long way," Emily added. "...but consistency always pays off in the long run, so whatever you can do to be consistent, that's how you're going to reach your new years' resolution goal."

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