UPDATE: OSU Abduction Suspect And Victim Confirmed Dead

  • 2/11/2019 1:58:32 PM
  • Jesse Smith
  • Local News

MANSFIELD, OH - An OSU Mansfield student was abducted at gunpoint around noon on Monday, February 11th by a suspect known to the victim.

According to a public safety notice released by the Ohio State University's Department of Public Safety, the student, Skylar Williams, was standing in one of the campus parking lots at approximately 11:45 AM when she was approached by a male suspect, Ty'rell Pounds.

A Facebook post by Pounds indicated that he had fathered a child with Williams and that increased relationship problems between the two of them overwhelmed him.

Pounds produced a firearm and forced Williams to get into a vehicle. A student at the campus attempted to stop the kidnapping, but was unable to intervene safely before Pounds left the area. The original vehicle was later said to have been located by law enforcement, but neither the suspect nor the kidnapped student were able to be located at the time. Several people who had witnessed the crime called 911 to report the abduction. That 911 call was later released to the public.

The Facebook post that Pounds had written was addressed to the pair's child. The post can be read below, with minor edits to remove several names:

"_______ I love you so much I hope you become a better man than I was when you turn 18 you'll get $100,000 dollars be smart with it!!! My dream goal was to raise you as a man and for me to become a state trooper!!! Obviously that didn't happen!!

Your mother kept me away from you and I was fighting for you through the court system!! Your mother kept teasing and I got overwhelmed, I'm so sorry you have to grow up without us baby!! But we'll be watching you trust me!!! I love you with all my heart _____!! Don't listen to nothing _______ or ________ says about me it's a lie she's a manipulator I've bought everything for you and your Mother up to this point!!

________ I would like for you to become a state trooper any state of your choosing!! My side of the family is more fortunate then your mom side of you need anything financially reach out to ______!!! Too my family I love y'all and I'm sorry dad you're right I let my feelings build up!! DONT feel sorry for me cause there is nothing you guys could've done to stop me!! PLEASE KEEP MY SON OUT OF THE STREETS I don't want him following my bad ways"

Neither the victim nor the suspect were sighted for several hours after the initial abduction. According to a press release from Ohio State Highway Patrol officials, the suspect and victim were proclaimed deceased after a confrontation in Crestwood, Kentucky on Monday afternoon.

At approximately 3:24 PM, Kentucky State Police dispatch received a 911 call from a witness who sighted the pair at a gas station. The caller stated that the woman who was in distress, now identified as Williams, had mouthed "help me" before being forced back into a vehicle matching the description of the dark-colored Dodge Caravan that Pounds had been observed in earlier.

State Troopers attempted to initiate a traffic stop for the vehicle in question, but the Caravan continued without stopping, evading stop sticks and other devices that had been deployed by law enforcement. Troopers then engaged in a pursuit and performed a "legal intervention stop" (also known as a pit maneuver) to force the Caravan to come to a stop. Pounds' vehicle turned 180 degrees, facing the opposite direction.

As the vehicle came to a rest, one of the State Troopers in pursuit attempted to apprehend the suspect. A gunshot was heard within the vehicle, which was regarded as an immediate deadly threat by officers at the scene. Pounds produced his weapon, and the closest trooper drew his service weapon, firing several times and striking Pounds. Pounds had been wearing a bulletproof vest, but several bullets had found their way above and around the vest to strike him directly. Pounds was pronounced dead at the scene.

Williams was struck by one round of gunfire through her left arm into her chest, at which point first aid was administered by a Kentucky State Trooper until she was transported to the University of Louisville Hospital. Investigators later found that the bullet that struck Williams was fired from Pounds' weapon. Williams' wound proved to be fatal, as she was later pronounced deceased by the Jefferson County Coroner. Williams was 20 years old.

After news of the pair's death broke, Dr. Dorey Diab, President of North Central State College (which shares a campus with the Mansfield branch of the Ohio State University), made a statement regarding the case. Diab's statement can be found below.

Our campus community has suffered a tragic loss with the death of two of our students, Skylar Williams and Ty’rell Pounds. North Central State College joins The Ohio State University at Mansfield in extending our condolences to all who have known them. Our deepest sympathies, and our thoughts and prayers are with their families and friends.

Free counseling and consultation to members of the campus community are available through New Directions (419-529-9941). Additional resources are also available on our website.

Various law enforcement agencies investigated the case, including the Ontario Police Department, the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the Kentucky State Police Critical Incident Response Team, the Oldham County Police Department, Oldham County Sheriff's Office, the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office, and the U.S. Marshals. The Kentucky State Police later held a press conference in regards to the incident.




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