Socks For Seniors A Massive Success, Over 3000 Pairs Donated

  • 2/14/2019 4:28:31 PM
  • Tyler Warner
  • Local News

RICHLAND COUNTY - Local schools came together to give back to the elderly last holiday season, donating over 3000 pairs of socks as part of the annual Socks for Seniors campaign.

Socks For Seniors is a collaborative effort between the Ohio District 5 Area Agency on Aging, We ACT and Richland County Children's Services as well as other community organizations and local schools with a simple goal: get new socks onto the feet of nursing home residents every year. This year, those residents will be able to receive multiple pairs thanks to the overwhelming support the initiative received over last Holiday season, thanks in large part to a huge donation by Ontario Middle School students.

Of the 3,085 pairs of socks collected this year, amazingly over 1200 pairs came from Ontario Middle School. Student Council President Miles Meisse says their donation got to be so big because of a misunderstanding. "I read it and I was like '2,000. We need to get that! We were just short of it and we go "aww man" but then we finally realized it was just for the whole community." 

Miles says the drive was competitive at OMS, pitting math classes in each grade against each other to try and donate more pairs than the other. "(the number) would be on the board and we would come in like 'we need more socks!'" Miles said Thursday. 

"Maybe a lot of these students don't have a grandparent local, don't have that intergenerational connection, and probably have never been inside a nursing facility, but they cared enough to go and get those socks and donate them to socks for seniors..." Said Teresa Cook of the Area Agency on Aging. "We want to make that connection and we certainly did this so 3,000 connections are going to go out in the community and over 1200 of those came from Ontario Middle School and another couple hundred more from Shiloh Middle School. The children in our community made a difference, they made a connection."

Ontario Middle School wasn't the only school to go above and beyond, Shiloh Middle School sent in a large collection of Christmas cards with their socks. The cards were addressed to the residents the socks would be passed out to, wishing them well. 

Among the collection sites were Richland County Children's Services, the Area Agency on Aging, Ontario Middle School, Shiloh Middle School, Mansfield Area YMCA, NEOS Dance Theatre, The City Of Mansfield building, The Shelby Health Department, The Modern Woodmen of America and Marion Technical College. 

Socks were collected between Thanksgiving and December 14th. After surpassing their goal of 2,000 pairs and finally settling on 3,085, the total since Socks For Seniors' inception in 2015 has risen to 7,315 total pairs of socks donated to the elderly in local nursing homes.

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