Treasurer Of Mansfield City Schools Under Investigation

  • 4/11/2019 3:20:05 PM
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MANSFIELD, OH - The Treasuer of the Mansfield City School District is currently under investigation by the Ohio Department of Education. 

In an Ohio Department of Education letter, Treasurer Robert Kuehnle was notified that the State Board of Education intends to determine whether to limit, suspend, revoke, or permanently revoke the five year-school treasurer license and substitute general education teaching license.  

The investigation stems from when Kuehnle was the treasurer of Benjamin-Logan Local School District. The State board of education told Kuehnle that he "engaged in a pattern of conduct that is unbecoming to your position as treasurer when you failed to maintain a professional relationship with several students in the district"

Examples of the misconduct were listed as followed:

a.) On or about December 4, 2012 at 2:11 a.m, you tweeted Student 1, a high school student at the time, for a non-educational purpose. 
b.) You paid $800 for Student 1 to attend a trip to Boston and proceeded to have a lunch with Student 1 at a restaurant with no other adult present.
c.) On or about January 24, 2013, you tweeted Student 2, a high school student at the time, implying Student 2 was tall, blonde, and beautiful. 
d.) An investigation was completed by the Benjamin-Logan Local School District for your actions noted above, along with other allegations of misconduct, which resulted in a written reprimand being issued to you by the Board of Education on December 15, 2014. 

Your acts, conduct, and/or omissions, as alleged in Count 1 above, constitute a violation of Section 3319.31 (B)(1) of the Ohio Revised Code. 

The State Board of Education stated in the letter that Kuehnle is entitled to a hearing on the matter. A hearing is currently scheduled for June 18th and June 19th of this year. 

Kuehnle's treasurer license was issued in 2015, with the effective year of 2016. The substitute license was issued in 2015 with the effective year of 2016. 

WMFD has reached out to Mansfield City Schools and Benjamin-Logan Local School District for statements regarding the investigation.

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