Triple 777 Ranch Heals With Horses

  • 6/22/2019 2:17:57 PM
  • Ingrid Schmidt
  • Local News

MANSFIELD, OH- Triple 777 Ranch was welcomed to the community on Saturday with a ribbon cutting.  Owner Bill and Colleen Alkire were joined by their entire team to cut the ribbon and officially open their therapy ranch.

The ranch provides psychotherapy using the horses to help connect to the patients.

Education Specialist, Amy Davis said that the approach helps clients to find the answers to their problems within themselves.

"What we're doing is equine assisted psychotherapy and equine assisted learning," Davis said.  "It's a service that we provide for the community for veterans returning from combat, for foster children, for basically anyone who's gone through any kind of traumatic experience."

The therapy does not involve riding the horses.  All of the activities are ground based and designed to help participants overcome their issues.

"It is a solution based therapy so we are trying to get the client to come up with the solution to the problem they're facing," Davis said.

Owner Colleen Alkire said that the name Triple 777 Ranch takes on several different meanings for her.  It reminds the Alkires of their wedding date, the sevens are reflected in the address, and seven also takes on a Biblical meaning.

"Seven is our Biblical number and seven means completeness in the Bible which is why we like the sevens," Colleen Alkire said.

The ranch is meant to provide a healing environment for those who need it.

"It gives people a place to come where there's no judgement, where they can truly find answers to the questions that they have, solutions to the problems that they’re facing, and where they can come to get healing," Davis said.

The ranch strives to provide their services at no cost to veterans through both scholarships and insurance.

"Our goal is to not have any of our veterans paying out of their pocket," Davis said.  "We want to have our scholarship fund and use their insurance and work together so that we can provide a service for them because they have provided such a huge service for us."

For more information about Triple 777 Ranch visit their website.  The ranch is located at 7039 County Road 57 in Mansfield.


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