Family Avoids Further Disaster After Explosion Tears House

  • 7/12/2019 3:32:58 PM
  • Sartaj Singh
  • Local News

NEVADA, OH -  It was a regular morning routine for Robert Barry. He would wake up in his home located on Spore-Brandywine in Nevada, Ohio, eat breakfast, and start getting ready for work. His wife would make him coffee and pack his lunch before he left. 

However, this morning would turn out a little different. 

Earlier this week, Robert stated that he was putting on his boots when he felt a rumble in his house. Next thing he knew, an explosion tore through the kitchen and destroyed the foundation of the home. 

"It was like when you are waiting the fireworks and they send up one of the big boomers, and you can feel that vibration through your body... thats basically what we felt." Robert explained.

His wife, who was in the kitchen at the time, was able to leave with only a few scratches. The same was true for Robert and his daughter, two dogs, and one cat. They all made it out of the house to safety and called for help.

As they looked at their house that they have lived in for a year and half, they knew that their life has changed after seeing the damage. 

The house, which is expected to be a total loss, is now missing foundations, and has cracks and holes in walls throughout the house. The windows of the house have also been blown out. 

The cause of the explosion is still under investigation, according to Robert. However, the family believes that a propane leak might have been a factor that caused the explosion. 

The family knows that the damage could have been a lot worse. On top of that, Robert, his wife, daughter, two dogs, and cat did not sustain any injuries. Roberts other two children were at their grandma's at the time of the explosion. 

For now, the family is living in a RV that belongs to Robert's father until they can figure out their next step. 

"Our plans are to stay here, rebuild, and keep on going... live life." Robert stated. "It't quite the experience... not one that I would want to see any family go through."

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