Street Smart Training Shows Parents What To Look For

  • 10/10/2019 2:25:22 PM
  • Ingrid Schmidt
  • Local News

BUCYRUS, OH- Operation Street Smart is bringing drug awareness training to Crawford County, helping parents, teachers, nurses, and anyone who is touched by the drug epidemic to identify drug use, specifically in young people. 

Michael Powell is a Retired Officer from the Franklin County Sheriff's Office and a spokesperson for Ohio High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (Ohio HIDTA) which is a federally funded program that teaches drug awareness.

"Today is giving them a little over a three hour block of what to look for, signs and signals that might indicate somebody in their world is using a drug in an improper way," Powell said.  "What we want them to be aware of more than ever before is the terminology, the paraphernalia, maybe an odor they pick up from the individual."

Students can conceal drug use in plain sight using everyday items such as lip balm, sunscreen, and even nuts and bolts to hide drug paraphernalia.

"The kids actually know more than their parents when it comes to drug abuse out there and as long as that continues, we're going to continue to lose a number of people," Powell said.  "In the last couple of years we've averaged 13-14 people per day dying in our state from drug abuse, so it's an epidemic."

Powell said that parents need to remain vigilant and question anything that seems suspicious with their child.  And if they find out their child has substance abuse issues, they need to seek help immediately.

Once a child goes through a treatment program, parents still need to remain aware of their child's behavior according to Powell.

"They have to be very aware that afterwards, that's when they've got to be aware of them possibly having a relapse," Powell said.


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